Domaine Jolly Ferriol

The property

Once upon a time in Catalan Country… an iron hand in velvet glove...

The Mas Ferriol was constructed at Espira de l’Agly, in the Roussillon, more than 350 years ago. It is one of the oldest existing viticultural properties in the region.

It comprises 25 hectares of land and lies between the Pyrenees and the Corbieres. There are five buildings surrounded by a wall forming an enclosure of 3500 square metres, thus protecting them from intrusions and the region’s famous wind called Tramontane.

The manor house and the grape-pickers’ house face south, shielding them from prevailing winds. The property has a two-floor cellar. One floor is partially underground assuring a constant natural temperature in the cellar, which is very useful in the hot summer months.

The other two buildings, the garage and the barn, have suffered the ravages of time but give an undeniable charm to the entire domain. There are two wells, in use for many centuries now, still continuing to provide abundant quantities of water.

In spite of its sometimes austere appearance, the Mas Ferriol gives the impression of serenity, the kind found only in very old Catalan dwellings...